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Kewk is the Americanized word for the swedish "kuk". Which is a rude word for the male sexual organ. Probably heard by brittish/american tourists in Sweden and picked up in their own language but spelled in a different way.
Oh yeah sailorboy!! Show me your kewk!!
by Roffe May 16, 2003
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When an object is full with something and may be squeezed so that this something comes out of it!
-This spunge is so crusty, I think I´ll squeeze it!
- No Don´t! The floor will get all wet!
by Roffe May 16, 2003
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knuller -s, -ing (also chnuller)

1. a person who have casual sex with anyone at anytime.

2. Two persons living together just for the sex, without any other commitments
1. Lisa is such a knuller! She goes to bed with anyone!

2. George and Jennie are not married! They are just knullers!
by Roffe May 16, 2003
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A killer with a rather psycho behaviour. No planning or structure in the actual killing. Mostly they look just like you and I, but are deeply disturbed.
Police: The killer stabbed his victim three times in the chest and then polished the victim´s shoes!
Journalist: So you confirm he´s a psychokiller?
by Roffe May 16, 2003
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