2 definitions by Rodger Jordan

The tightness of a woman's vagina. Various factors can effect snachlasticity, including but not limited to having a baby, being with a well-hung partner, and being a slut.
Sharon had a C-section in order to avoid loss of snatchlasticity.
by Rodger Jordan March 30, 2006
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A cheap knock-off of a name brand item, usually an item of poor quality. Though Wal-Mart is usually the origin of said item, a Wal-Mart special can come from any store.
1.) Jimmy wanted an iPod for Christmas, but his mom got him the Wal-Mart Special and it's already broke!

2.) Patrick: "Hey guys, check out the new rims on my car!"
Michael: "Wow, are those made of plastic? You must have cheaped out and got the Wal-Mart Special!"
by Rodger Jordan March 10, 2006
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