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The only know treatment for "Furryitis", Shotgun Therapy is performed by inserting the barrel of a shotgun into the Furry's mouth and pulling the trigger. Although the treatment has a 100% percent success rate in eliminating the Furry, it's Human host almost never survives the procedure. Shotgun Therapy was invented by Dr. RocketJesus666, MD, in 2010 and was first successfully preformed by him in 2011.
Bob: Hey Ted, did you hear what happened to Steve?

Ted: No, what happened?

Bob: He got Furryitis from 4Chan and had to get Shotgun Therapy.

Ted: Awww, I'll miss Steve, he was a nice guy, but I guess it's for the best.
by Rocket Jesus June 28, 2011

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The disease the transforms a normal Human into a Furry. Furryitis is contacted via the Internets, but is most common on 4Chan or 7Chan. Furryitis is caused by a parasitic microorganism known as a proto-Furry that enters the brain through the corneas when the victim sees to many Furry drawings or forum posts and converts them into a Furry. The only known cure for Furryitis is Shotgun Therapy.
Joey: "Doctor, I was reading some forum posts last night and now I have a strange desire to have sex dressed up like a fox."

Doctor: "Joey, I'm afraid you have Furryitis"

Joey: "Can you fix it?"

Doctor: "Yes, hold still" *Reaches under desk for shotgun*
by Rocket Jesus June 28, 2011

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An Internet Law which states that in an arguement, if you are a Furry, you automatically lose. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS LAW.
Billy the Furry: No, It's not perverted to have sex in a fursuit!

Ted the normal person: Yes it is!

Billy the Furry: No it's not!

Ted the normal person: Furry's Law. You lose.
by Rocket Jesus June 28, 2011

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Behavior associated with Furries, I.E. dressing up like an animal (wearing a Furrsuit), having sex with plush animals, having sex with people dressed up as animals, drawing naked or semi-naked pictures of human/animal hybrids, obsessive-compulsively playing Starfox, Jacking Off to previously mention pictures, participating in Wolf and/or Warrior Cat RPs, or just being a Furry in general.

Furrfaggotry is like a disgusting, slimy by-product of Internet culture. It most commonly appears on 4chan, further proof that all forms of dignity have migrated elsewhere, but unfortunately also plagues otherwise entertaining sites such as deviantArt. The only know cure for Furrfaggotry is a shotgun blast to the face.
Todd: I looked at 4chan yesterday, holy shit, i've never seen such furrfaggotry in my life...

Bill: Why the fuck where you even on 4chan in the first place...


Mike: I saw a sign for a furrsuit convention at the community center today, god knows what furrfagotry is going on in there (Shudders in horror)

Steve: I don't even want to think about it...
by Rocket Jesus June 17, 2011

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