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1. A person who like to take extreme pride that their "people" are the smartest and wealthiest minority group. They will flaunt these statistics at any given chance so that they can educate their non-indian friends.
2. A person who is obsessed with their skin tone or obsessed with obtaining a gora/gori. They're usually scared of the sun.
3. A person who will act ignorant in a temple to prove they're "modern".
4.They will wear expensive clothes when visiting India but when in the U.S. they will "freeload" on Taco Bell's pop/soda by asking for a water cup.
5. Usually attribute odd features such as parrot-nose or big bug eyes as attractive.
6. Esp. judgemental to their own people(north/south).
That indian girl is comparing skin colors with her cousin.
by Robitussinchicago March 28, 2008

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-Most likely a "Patel"
-studying business
-studying medicine in the caribbeans because they're too dumb yet stubborn to give it up.
-Caste obsessed but will swear up and down that they're not.
The waxing salon had to shut down to revamp after a gujarati came in.
by Robitussinchicago March 30, 2008

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