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the fastest rapper out there.He's talented,his vocals are amazing and the best thing is.....he's real
best rapper out there.
by robert l January 30, 2004

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another term for carpet muncher
"Hey, is that Maria making out with Margaret? I guess she does the swan dive"
by Robert L November 17, 2004

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Used when screwed over, or taken advantage off; reflecting on the failure of Pete Rose making it into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
"Did you hear the teacher failed me by 1 point? I was fucked in the ass like Pete Rose."
by Robert L November 17, 2004

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A phrase for Anal Sex
"Last night I slipped this chick roofies. Before you know I was tearing out her O ring, some straight hammer in the crapper"
by Robert L September 06, 2007

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The brownish ring that appears on male genitalia. The position may vary but usually it lies before head of the penis and further up the shaft.
"While watching Perverted Stories 19, the male porno star had some serious brown around the crown on his boner. It looked like the rings of Saturn.
by Robert L November 29, 2004

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acronym for Fat Cock Sandwhich. Used when a customer is dissatisfied when placing an order in a terrible diner/eating establishment.
"Waitress/Waiter: What would you like to order?
Customer: One FCS, medium well.
Waitress/Waiter: FCS? What's that?
Customer: That's a Fat Cock Sandwhich"
by Robert L November 16, 2004

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