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expression meaning to want to have sex with someone.
"Damn! I wamma get piece of that ass!" or "Tonight, I'm gonna get me a piece of that" (as a guy points to a girl)
by Robbie :) April 25, 2004

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Expression: most commonly, In Agreement; but also: willing to participate, up for anything, or down for whatever.
"Hey, you wanna go see a movie? Sure, I'm game"
by Robbie :) April 25, 2004

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stressing and/acting up out in your 20's. taken from mid-life crisis which used to be stressing in the mid-30's, but now has been pushed up due to longer life expectancy.
heh, look at that college student over there, she's totally buggin, she must be having a quarter life crisis
by Robbie :) May 11, 2004

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