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Rite of passage for a young pledge rushing a fraternity. The pledge must stand barefoot in a toilet while industrial-sized buckets of ice cold water are ceremoniously dumped on the head and body by a large group of junior and senior members of the frat.
Some fraternities make their pledges go toilet surfing during Hell Week.
by Robb H. July 6, 2006
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Brand name that would more accurately reflect white kids wearing Fubu.
Tre: Look at that bitch-ass cracker with the Fubu jersey.

Jevon: That punk's wearin' my number. I'm #05.

Tre: That's some bullshit. We oughta knock 05 teeth outta that muthafucka's grill.

Jevon: Forget it. He's a waste of crime. If white bread like that is gonna be wearin' those clothes, guess I won't be. All I know is you don't see us walking around with shit that says it was specifically made for whitey. His shirt should say Fubi (For unorginal black imitators) but that would be too much like right.

Tre: True dat.
by Robb H. September 22, 2006
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A person with an insatiable craving for male genitalia. It is usually followed by an intense thirst for pud pudding that is rarely quenched. The term can refer to either a female (bimbo) or male (homo). In the high school yearbook, this person was probably awarded the title "most likely to suck seed". Put bluntly, it's someone who's a bit greedy with the cock.
That is going to be the last beer I have at this bar. The bartender with the goatee and the pineapple earrings has been eyeing me all night. Nothing against faggots and all but I don't want my Budweiser served by a pudmiser.
by Robb H. September 17, 2006
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Although once thought to describe the act of having a fit (i.e., a seizure), it has evolved into a ghetto way to say "fixin' to, about to, or going to do something."
I ain't fittin to take no spelin class.
by Robb H. September 23, 2006
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A man who will fight for your honor, he fronted Chicago until the mid-'80s. Played a biker gang member pursued by police in 1973's Electra Glide in Blue.
Peter Cetera has an unmistakable voice.
by Robb H. April 19, 2006
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A moronic hazing ritual that requires new pledges of a fraternity to slide naked down a hallway on all fours with a grape positioned firmly inside the anus. If the grape falls out before the end of the hallway is reached, the pledge must eat it. Also see toilet surfing.
Earl tasted his own shit after the grape fell from his asshole during the grape slide.
by Robb H. July 6, 2006
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