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A term used for when a person of any certain ethnicity does something that is stereotypical or representative of their culture. Points to arm derives from the actual pointing of one's arm to identify skin color relating to the stereotype and specified action.
1) Boy, Jamal is an amazing dancer, how points to arm of him.

2) Mike: Enrico, you ordered the Enchilada?
Enrico: Of course! ::pointing to his arm::
by RobDB May 27, 2008

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A personal listing of a player's selection of females that he can obtain sexual congress from at any point of the day or night, any day of the year. Usually kept in a blackbook or internet excel document that is hidden from all members of the chictionary, because of course they each think they're the only one.
1) Wow, I struck out big time tonight. Time to go home and call a floozy from my chictionary.

2) Vocally: Thanks so much for your number, Sally!
Mentally: You've just been added to the chictionary, Sally.
by RobDB May 29, 2008

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An obnoxiously long line of cocaine. Derives from the long holes on golf courses - par fives.
I am exhausted, please cut up a par 5 for me so i can make it to all 8 clubs tonight.
by RobDB May 29, 2008

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