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A Canadian working legally or illegaly in the USA.
"Damn Snow mexicans, they're taking all the programming jobs." See also ice mexican, iceback, snowback, mullet
by Rob Tyrie February 06, 2003

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A set of services to take care of shaving your head. More than just a shave, it's complete treatment including hot towel, warmed shaving cream, straight razor, probing scalp massage and a liberal appication of spice alcohol to dry and treat the skin. In a metrosexual's world, it also known as heaven.
"Bob's looking pretty buff, his head is practically glowing."
"Yeah, he just got a headicure at Fredo's, barbers are so passe"
by Rob Tyrie November 07, 2005

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Netjavu is the feeling that occurs when you read an article in a magazine or newspaper and you are sure you have read it before, only to realize that you had previously seen the same information on the Internet.
Jimmy and Matt are watching CNN. Jimmy turn to Matt and says "Wow, is that another terrorist bombing in New York? There was just one this morning. Matt returned "No man, it is the same one we saw on the Web - Netjavu"
by rob tyrie July 11, 2006

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Technology that makes the transition to highly visusl, over=the-top jewelry. Geeks lust after the newest techno-bling e.g. The IPOD shuffle, the Moto Razr, and $1000 cell phones or PDA's. With techno-bling fashion outweighs form and function. Largely pejorative in most circles.
"Have you seen the new IPOD nano? Haning on her neck? Pure techno-bling, all flash"
by Rob Tyrie December 10, 2005

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The delay experienced as news moves from the internet to newpapers magazines and television. News appears first in the fastest, unintermediated media like blogs and wiki's. All other media are slower, hence the lag. The surprise you feel when you read todays newspaper after surfing the web, and you realize it yesterday's news.
"Hey jimmy, stop reading newspaper or you'll get netlag".
by Rob Tyrie March 19, 2005

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