3 definitions by Rob B. from Canada

The people inside of an insane asylum. This is so because you have schizos, retards, crazies, loonies, multividuals, lunatics, and just plain fuckered up sorry-ass mofos.
After intensive phyciatric evaluation, it was determined that Mark needed to be thrown into the can of mixed nuts.
by Rob B. from Canada November 21, 2006
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Could mean one of several things:

Letter 1 - could mean to flee abruptly; split, take-off

Number B - could also mean a type of smokeless chewing tobacco (not to be confused with snuff, as that shit is snorted like coke), or...

Letter 3 - could also mean one who picks pockets; thief

NOTE: I could be wrong on that last one tho, so disregard if I am.
Letter 1 - Geezuz man, da fuzz are gonna catch us, let's dip!

Number B - Gimme some 'o yo dip, hommie.

Letter 3 - Wot da fuck, hommie, I think I was just dipped by dat stank ass trick last nite!
by Rob B. from Canada August 04, 2006
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A prairie oyster is a bull testicle (not COW testicle, since FEMALES DO NOT HAVE TESTICLES!). It's a delicacy of the western and mid-western, semi-arid grasslands of North America (basically everywhere cattle are bought and sold).

To my understanding, they are quite good when double-battered and deep-fried in butter, generally mixed with sauteed vegetables or whatever else you heart desires. Being from the prairies myself, I find that they are quite tasty when eaten with sauteed mushrooms and beef gravy.
The local restaurant sells the finest prairie oysters in all Alberta.
by Rob B. from Canada October 04, 2006
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