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a’ight (a-aeit)

1. Referring to something average; okay.

2. Acceptable; agreeable

1. Very well, okay; yes.

2. To agree to a known fact; without a doubt.

1. The food was a’ight, but I preferred yesterday’s meal.

2. Throwing your stuff away is a’ight by me.


1. Used to introduce a statement: A’ight, I’m going to the movies.

2. Its cold out, a’ight.
by Roach December 29, 2005
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"Plushie" generally refers to a stuffed toy or character, usually given to children to snuggle and enjoy. More recently, the term has come to symbolize adults with affinities to stuffed animal-characters (such as Tails in my case) whom relate the affection of the plushie to a loving and caring individual.
"My daughter has a thousand plushies in her bedroom..."
"That plushie is locked in his room making love to a stuffed Tails..."
by Roach August 16, 2004
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An angelic warrior in constant battle with his evil twin, Io, and his archrival, Seph. He has the ability to contact the gods to receive godly powers and smite his opponents.
Leno lopped off the Kagemusha's head!
by Roach April 18, 2004
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a water bottle used for smoking trees
u take a water bottle and melt a hole w. a lighter on the side of it and put tin foil over the hole poke some holes in it w. a pen or something and then put ur herb on the tin foil blaze up n inhale through the part wherr u drink from
i had no papers and no bowl so i use my home made water bottle bowl..

wow thats ghetto
by Roach January 1, 2006
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A heavy discussion on wordforums/word that usually ends in total chaos. Insulting words are used frequently. Often a flamewar is started by a wordtroll/word, either in the wordthread/word title, or in an wordofftopic/word wordpost/word that is added to the thread. wordAdministrator/words will often close a thread if it has turned into a flamewar.
A wordn00b/word had started an innocent thread about graphical differences between Half-Life 2 and Doom3, but when Brassmonkey came in, the discussion turned into a flamewar, until Abom|nation had to close it down.
by Roach August 15, 2003
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