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Also known as "Wesley Batson", he is a member of Cool Band featuring Rob Lowe. He was born in 1987 in a hospital somewhere in a vacinity of doctors. In 1998, he was arrested off the Alaskan Coast for illegal whale hunting. He was released on a $450,000 bail by friend Aaron Allen. In late 1999, he moved to an abandoned World War II bunker in central Florida. There, he met Chris Stoney. Stoney awed Batson with his amazing drum skills. Once the three got together, they formed a band known as "Cool Band". However, they realized they missed something. Vocals. One day, Batson and Allen were at the local Goodwill searching for office chairs when they met Rob Lowe. Lowe's quiet yet firm appearence instantly aroused Batson and Allen's interests. Lowe signed and thus formed Cool Band featuring Rob Lowe.
Don Lando is Wesley Batson's alias.
by Risto1116 July 06, 2006
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Chris Stoney is the youngest member of Cool Band featuring Rob Lowe. He was born in late 1989 where he was a baby for some time afterwards. In early 1996, he played for the San Fransico 49ers, where he was quickly cut for deficating in Steve Young's helmet. Depressed from his loss, he joined a local gang. In this gang, he met Don Lando. Living in an abandon war bunker, Don Lando took in Stoney and let him borrow his little sister's drum set. Stoney was instantly a drumming God. Stoney is now drummer in Cool Band featuring Rob Lowe and has even written some of the lyrics to a few songs. He is now enlisting in the army, hoping to get stationed in Vietnam.
Chris Stoney needs no example.
by Risto1116 July 06, 2006
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Aaron Allen was an american musician, born sometime in the 1987 era. His amazing electric guitar skills were a great contrabution to the band "Cool Band featuring Rob Lowe" (his most notable). After a brief arguement with Lowe, Allen quit the band where he later became a heroin addict. He went to rehab for 4 months and later came out with an acoustic project known as "Banana Rambler". With over 5 CD sales from this, he easily slid into the #2 spot on the VH1 Top 20 countdown for his song "Bumble Bee Symphony". Once realizing his skills, Cool Band requested his return to the band. Allen said he would only rejoin if Rob Lowe were to quit his acting career. Obviously, Cool Band featuring Rob Lowe is back and currently working on their first album "Nickels and Dimes and 2 Dollar Bills". It is expected to never be released.
I seriously cannot think of one example for Aaron Allen...
by Risto1116 July 06, 2006
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Aaron Allen's first and only acoustic project. It had over 5 CD sales and one of it's songs, Bumble Bee Symphony, became an instant hit making VH1's Top 20 Countdown appearing at #2. It currently is struggling on MTV's "Rock Countdown", attempting to even premiere.
Man: Banana Rambler?
Woman: Yeah.
Man: Huh?
by risto1116 July 06, 2006
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Name given to a short Indian girl with a very high voice and who thinks is right about everything. Her thinking she is right automatically makes her wrong. See also penis.
Madhuri makes me want to put a bullet in my own head.
by risto1116 November 23, 2006
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