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When someone is looking to excuse their anti-social, rude, insane, or any other type of negative behavior, this is what you would call it. Most try to pin it on a mental disorder or some other health issue they may not actually have...such as being Bi-Polar...or something else that the victim of the Free Bitch Pass seeker has no fault in, like "That time of the month" or an unpaid bill.

Basically, this is what you seek when you don't want to take responsibility for the fact that you are a fucked up person, or are having a far-too-long session of being fucked up. When you do something to attempt to divert attention from your bad behavior and get away with being a bitch, you are looking to get a Free Bitch Pass.
1 - Jaime: "All these years, Chelsea would constantly switch from being nice to being a raging hellcat and try to blame it on being Bi-Polar. Her mom said she never was diagnosed with Bi-Polarity, she just craves attention. It's like I told you man, homegirl was lookin' for a Free Bitch Pass is all."

2 - Bill: "I don't give a fuck about what you want, get the hell out of my way! I am late for my flight!"

Mike: "What the fuck do you want, a Free Bitch Pass? Thats got jack shit to do with me and you need to get the fuck out of my face with that crybaby bullshit before you make me have to wreckstep your punk ass!"
by Riot.EXE October 07, 2009
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1 - To perform an act, such as dancing, with a high amount of style and technique.

2 - Simply being stylish and confident, or superior over anyone else. (Wreckstepper)

3 - To beat someone up using unbelievable amounts of violence.
1 - Man, hold my drink...I'm about to wreckstep on this floor tonight!

2 - When it comes to spittin' game, I am the King Wreckstepper up in here!

3 - She wreckstepped that chick so hard, because she called her a "fucking cunt".
by Riot.EXE October 05, 2009
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