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Weezer are sort of a nerd rock band... but the thing is that they have created their own mixed genre with a bit of everything. Everything to do with the Weez should be based around Blue and Pinkerton, 2 of my favourite albums ever.
They did OK with their latest three albums, Green, Maladroit, and Make Believe but have evidently deteirated over time.
I like their early lyrics and melodies... and the best song is probably... eughh... no, I can't decide.
Weezer pwn yoose. OK?
by Rincewind_SW July 21, 2005
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To be someone nerdy, who plays an instrument that isn't guitar/bass/drums. Cello is just the word always used, even if the instrument isn't a cello.
1) Oh the redhead said you shred the cello and I'm jello baby

2) "Hey I heard Peter joined the orchestra!"
"What does he play?"
"I dunno, I guess he's shredding the cello!"
by Rincewind_SW July 25, 2005
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Word used in a serious conversation to break the mood.
A: "No, I saw you with him at that pub 5 days ago!"
B: "LIAR!"

*Lengthy pause*

C: "Wibble."
A+B: "Shut up."
by Rincewind_SW July 25, 2005
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