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"Dunce Cap Redemption" is the art of still managing to hook up with someone despite an obvious injury on your face, mostly likely occurring after a night of drinking. For example, a black eye from falling, or your best friend punching you. Or a head injury from getting scraped by a wall or tree branch. It requires great courage to express interest in a girl knowing she's looking at the stupid-ass self inflicted marks on your face, and winning her over in spite of looking like a dumb asshole is a significant event. It doesn't wash away your recent stupidity, but it sure does increase your confidence.
Bro #1: "Bro, is Justin really going home with her despite that gnarly wound on his face?"
Bro #2: " Dunce Cap Redemption at its finest".

Bro #3: He's still a dumbass though"
by RickyGotWords July 28, 2017
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A sexographic memory is the ability to recall the events related to previous sexual experiences in vivid detail, and the ability to 'see' much of this experience when recalling it in the form of a memory.
How did you remember I had a mole there? Because I have a sexographic memory
by RickyGotWords December 28, 2016
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