A sexographic memory is the ability to recall the events related to previous sexual experiences in vivid detail, and the ability to 'see' much of this experience when recalling it in the form of a memory.
How did you remember I had a mole there? Because I have a sexographic memory
by RickyGotWords December 28, 2016
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1. a photograph of two or more people having sex.
2. a write-up on sex.
1. Drat such a sexograph-like photo!
2. I do not like to read a sexograph.
by uttam maharjan December 5, 2010
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a sexographer is one who takes profesional pictures of 2 people having sex. weather gay/straight or lesbian , the sexographer will take the pictures.
YA MAN ! I got my sexographer costumers there !
by hihihihi9 December 25, 2010
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