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Hey! Let's get this evolving definition up to date, or a bit more accurate. Don't know how it began, but these days there are wapanese all over the place, not just among the white people of the world. They are to be seen throughout Asia, Southeast Asia, with some even in Africa. And some of them, unfortunately, do actually make their way to Japan, although as hinted elsewhere usually not through any real work or effort of their own--but there are means, one of which is indicated in the Example section, below. (Please don't tell any wapanese about it; there are already too many of them in Japan.)

Wapanese - Japanese wannabe, as in "I wannabe Japanese, 'cause it's subarashii!" A member of a small, spreading subculture, usually someone with only the most superficial, shallow-minded concept of Japan and her culture and language, who decides that it is somehow something to be worshipped, and proceeds to do so by way of the to-be-expected most shallow and silly means, e.g., using language sprinkled with Japanese pop culture words, eating, displaying and talking about Pocky and other Japanese junk food, doing Japanese cutesy girls cosplay, wearing ridiculous makeup in imitation of faddish Japanese girls intentionally wearing ridiculous makeup in order to identify with a certain mod-like, drifting, anti-authoritarian, hedonistic, morally compassless, often suicidal youth subculture, imitation of the Japanese imitation of gangsta baggy clothing, obsessed with the shallowest, most empty-headed anime such as Pokemon and very superficially with subjects such as ninja or Japanese calligraphy or martial arts. It should be noted that wapanese are not Japanophiles in the true sense, in that they do not actually study anything or bother to acquire any depth of knowledge about things Japanese. Wapanese are more shallow dabblers and voyeurs. Japanophiles can be a nuisance breed, too, and sometimes dreamy voyeurs, but they are different, usually immersing themselves headlong into one or more aspects of Japanese culture, sometimes losing themselves in it. The Japanohpile may become a professor or a Japanese language or martial arts teacher; the wapanese probably will never amount to anything, because the wapaneseness is just a symptom of his or her drifting cluelessness.
One Japanese school teacher to another: That new ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) is just one more immature, clueless wapanese that Monbusho (the Education Ministry) has sent us. I wish they would hire qualified EFL teachers for a change.
by Rick Hayhoe June 18, 2006

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EFL - English as a Foreign Language. Taught to students outside an English-speaking culture, overseas, as opposed to ESL, English as a Second Language, taught to foreign or immigrant students within an English-speaking culture. Subject or program of study, a major or credential qualifying one to teach the subject.
He has a credential in EFL, so he should know what he's doing teaching English to Japanese students.
by Rick Hayhoe June 18, 2006

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