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a stripper in a gentleman's club
My girlfriend thinks the term stripper is degrading to women, she refers to herself as a "pole technician."
by Rhoward August 19, 2009

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To use excessive effort or force to get something done.
"angelo, lets overclub it and add 10 extra staff to the project"
by Rhoward September 25, 2008

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When going down on a girl who is on her period, and your teeth get stains from the blood clots
Josh, what happened to your teeth? "Well I was going down on Janey and she was on her period, and a blood clot popped in my mouth. I got the red plaque"
Shit , I look like a werewolf who caught its prey!
by Rhoward December 13, 2017

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Burying ones nuts inside a girl
That chick is so hot, once I get her in the sack, I am going to "fall squirrel" her!
by Rhoward September 21, 2017

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