2 definitions by Rev. Nørb

A desperation tactic used in an argument or debate whereby proof of the speaker's wrongness is somehow held up by the speaker as proof of his rightness.
Manny: I utterly hate homosexuals. They are an affront to God and man. Except for Rick Astley. I could go down on THAT guy all night! I'd same-sex marry him in a heartbeat.

Moe: I thought you said you hated homosexuals?

Manny: Well, he's the exception that proves the rule.
by Rev. Nørb June 16, 2010
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(noun) Trace elements of fountain soda which contaminate water at fast-food restaurants when the water line shares a spigot with a soda line.
Alex: I thought you were just getting water? That looks like tea.

Norb: Nah, it's just the twaint.
by Rev. Nørb May 20, 2010
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