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Mario was a carpenter in his days, but now he's just a pimp-ass plumber with a younger brother that often get's ignored. He is a Superstar in Mushroom Kingdom just because he saved the princess a couple of times (big deal). His brother, Luigi, always stays watching over the home (on the other hand, who would be stupid enough to rob Mario and Luigi's hut?).
Peach: "Mario, you're my hero!"
Mario: "Shut the fuck up-a and a-start sucking-a like it a-is macaroni!"
by Rentarn November 26, 2005
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The Sun is the damn motherfucker responsible for heating us up. Without him Planet Earth whould be doomed (doomed I tell ya!!). Sometimes He assfucks the Moon and that's what we call an eclipse.
Some guy: "I'M BLIND!!!!"
Some other guy: "That's what happens when you look at the Sun for nearly 20 minutes!!!!"
by Rentarn November 26, 2005
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