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it is used so as to describe some rapper's verse of a song
-man.. i love da mystery of chessboxin'!
-yeah, odb's verse kills it!

R.I.P. Ol' Dirty Bastard
by rek May 19, 2012
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to do nothing, to wait, to bide one's time, to chill.

<adapted from Murphy Lee's verse in Nelly, Air Force Ones>
Barry: Sorry I was late, kid. What were you doing?
Joe: Shootin' free throws.

"...Cause she just standin' there as if I'm shootin' free throws..."
by Rek June 07, 2003
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another popular meaning of BO from the RTS (real time strategy) gamers world,


Build Order
as in the specific order you build and sell structures in.
If you dont have a good BO or you dont know what one is.. then you are too crap to play with me and my m8s...gg
by Rek August 11, 2004
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