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The Norton is a sexual act were one victim has their head shaved, gets a swastika tattoo on their chest, receives anal sex and is rewarded with a pair of skull crusher boots.
Dad Nortoned mom while I slept in their bed.

I heard dad nortoned mom while I was trying to read goosebumps in my bed.
by Reid Street Gang May 05, 2009
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Aidsy is suggesting something is in fact as bad as the AIDS virus.
Thats totally fucking Aidsy that your dad drank your last Faxe.
by Reid Street Gang May 06, 2009
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One who possess very dry, large, reptilian lips.
Look at the fucking Gator Lips on that thing.
by Reid Street Gang May 05, 2009
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Schwitzed is a word that is used to describe a negative situation. It is an abbreviated form of Auschwitz, which was a place were a lot of bad shit went down.
He got fucking Schwitzed by that dumptruck

Hahaha thats so Schwitzed how your dad wont let you watch rugrats.
by Reid Street Gang May 11, 2009
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A word that was created by my mothers menopausal slurring to ask how much in a Japanese eatery. Its a combination of "how" and "much" with a little but of retard thrown in.

"I wonder Hamuchy cat in this egg roll."
by Reid Street Gang February 18, 2010
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The penguin is a mysterious sexual act that involves a rotten fish and an umbrella.
For my 17th birthday dad let me be penguined on moms lap.

He really got penguined behind the wal mart.
by Reid Street Gang May 05, 2009
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