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Brick of drugs usually Cocaine
Man i went to the Isl to cop a bird
by Redrum December 08, 2002

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A sexually transmitted disease when it burns when you pee
Man I've been burning ever since i fucked that hoodrat bitch Taiesha
by Redrum December 08, 2002

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Banks is the sickest emcee around cant nobody mess with him without gettin ripped
"i'll leave DNA all up in ya bitch's braids..
how you eatin when u skinny like u sick wit aids?"

"fuck it ya'll can all get a pice of Lloyd
beef'll show up on ya porch like pizza boys"
by RedruM July 06, 2004

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a marijuana cigar
Man light the L
by Redrum December 08, 2002

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1) one of, if not the, most effective fighter plane in WWII.
2)small horse found on the western plains, originally from Spain.
3)The original pony car, one that inspires an equal amount of hatred and adoration in the American public. Usually those that hate it are: LS1 owners (they rate respect from any Mustang driver with brains) and ricers (who couldn't win respect in a church raffle). From the point of view of a Mustang driver, LS1's are the sh*t. Enuff said there, so we will move on to the enmity expressed by the ricer crowd. What a joke group of "tuners". Usually, in a street confrontation, a ricer will pull up to a Mustang, and they will leave the light normally. Upon the Mustang reaching 2000 RPM's (Mustangs have a tendency to scream at this point...), the ricer will take off, assuming the 'Stang driver is trying to race him, and revving his engine to the moon to make some semblence of power. He then runs home to his chat boards and claims that he owned a mustang from a dig when he actually only pulled ahead by, at most, half a car length.
Q: What do a 800 HP (horsepower) Supra and a 500 HP (horsepower) MUSTANG have in common?

A: 10 second time slips. Get bent, you nip car driving f*c*s.
by RedRum January 18, 2004

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Memeber of the Blue clothes wearing urban street gang
Man it's hard to find a Crip
by Redrum December 08, 2002

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Memeber of the Blood gang
This lil blood nigga aproach me last night.
by Redrum December 08, 2002

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