2 definitions by RedDevil7

Scum. A team full of grubs and shit cunts
I hate Steve Matai he is a dog but so are most of the Manly Sea Eagles
by RedDevil7 August 2, 2014
The only girl you will ever love. She has the most beautiful eyes that you will ever see. Her hair is silky smooth and looks incredible when curled. She has an amazing personality. She loves photography and can find something artistic in anything. She has the brightest smile you will ever see. Seeing her smile makes you want to die and go to heaven. She is truly angelic and her hard working attitude mixed with a caring and beautiful personality makes her one of a kind. She is the best girlfriend you could ask for. She will be easily loved and you will love her for who she is. She usually likes to go out for pho on the first date and loves exotic foods. she is all around perfection that everyone should strive to achieve. She is someone you can love forever.
How would you describe your Girlfriend?
shes a Nikki, just perfect.
by RedDevil7 October 26, 2013