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A French writer who is better known as having his name sound like "ball sac" than any of the works he wrote.
It's impossible to gain fame as an author if your name is Balzac!
by RedBlade March 22, 2009

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The Wiki software genre as applied to a public encyclopedia.

It is very popular due to its ability to its loose licensing policies, which allow it to be included in commercial Web sites (such as Answers.com), as well as the general bias most of the Internet has in favor of open-source software.
Due to these financially-driven reasons, it is is always within the first results of a search query.

If you are going to read any Wikipedia article, it is important to first read the "Talk" page, as registered Wikipedia users are notorious for their elitism and incompetence. Wikipedia is run similar to a pure democracy, where any viewpoint with support over 50% has the final say.
Both of these reasons lead to inaccuracies and subjective deletion policies, including musical genres any Web search can prove legitimate and unique Web sites featured in the mainstream press. Vandalism is often found on Wikipedia, which can contribute the motives and viewpoints behind the deletion activities.

Wikipedia also invents words and phrases (such as "fancruft") and instructs registered users not to use them outside of Wikipedia's editing process.

Supporters point to studies claiming that Wikipedia is more credible than major encyclopedias, while opponents point to major negative news events, occurrences of censorship and alleged political/religious biases, and founder Jimbo Wales' beliefs in Ayn Rand's Objectivism as applied to his personal life.
Wikipedia is a very popular result with search engines. It is a real shame that readers don't investigate the behind-the-scenes activities, of which they may or may not approve...
by RedBlade March 18, 2009

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"Open In Name Only" - When a business uses the buzzword "open" even though it the technology in question is protected by patents, copyrights, or trade secrets.
Why does CrappyMegaIdiotSoft's OpenSolitaireCardGame use the word "open" in the title? The source code is not available!

Same with IdiotMegaSoftwareCorp's patented OpenPENIS High Security Encryption System. It's protected by a patent and they restrict use to companies who pay an expensive licensing fee.

Both of these are OINO, that's "Open in Name Only." Don't be fooled by corporate buzzwords.
by RedBlade March 09, 2009

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The stage name used by Pokemon's Pikachu after he grew up and started making hentai movies.
Hentai Guy: Penachew was really hot when he sucked off that chick in Loaded Cartoon Cock XXI!
by RedBlade March 18, 2009

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