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The bitch to end all bitches. Basically, a bitch that makes other bitches look wimpy. Starving sharks look cuddly and ravening lions look adorable by comparison. Queen of them all and kinda like the One ring.

One Bitch to rule them all, One Bitch to find them, One Bitch to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

In short the last person you'd ever want to piss off because it might take 10 years but you know they're gonna nail you and it's gonna hurt.
Bow before me, RecentCoin, for I am Queen Bitch of the Universe
by RecentCoin June 26, 2007
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This was originally a "bacon replacement" aka fake bacon. As such, it's also a term for security guards aka fake police aka rent-a-cops. It was originally used to describe the Las Colinas, TX security patrol. At the time, they were trying to un-annex themselves from the city of Irving.

Part of that initiative involved hiring police officers to "patrol". Since they weren't really a city yet, they couldn't really have a police force, so they had a security patrol. Since they really didn't have any authority, they tried to be "hard asses" and run off anyone they considered "undesirable". They patrolled most public places - shopping centers, parks, etc.

The "undesirables" included anyone under the age of 35, any pedestrian, anyone not wearing expensive clothing or anyone not driving a Cadillac or equivalent. God forbid you have a skate board or a bicycle.
Oh, look, sizzlean is patrolling again.
by RecentCoin May 14, 2008
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A skank that allows it's owner to intimidate it, abuse it, and make it sleep with others for money.

Can be male or female as can the owner/master.
Down on your knees, slavebitch.
by RecentCoin June 28, 2007
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