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A collectable and tradable currency for sex.

The current going rate is 7 Mudkipz for 1 sexytime.
"Collect your Mudkipz"
by Reado January 17, 2008
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1. To move like a walrus

2. When a walrus moves
Fat pete was seen harrumphing his way down the stairs to the fridge.
by Reado January 13, 2009
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Cowboy Dave is a guy so great at his cowboy skills and infinite wisdom in all subjects even the Pope is honoured to bath in his glory!
Cowboy Dave rides a unicycle but can lassoo buffalo and small children from 100 feet.
Plus he is the greatest womaniser in the universe.
Not worthy!!! NOT WORTHY!

All must bow before Cowboy Dave, wait where is he taking that boy?!?
by Reado October 20, 2005
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