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Bulking to add muscle involves a caloric surplus leading to some fat gain. A dreamer bulk goes too far and the individual becomes fat as fatass with no muscle gains. Typically results from extremely high caloric surplus of junk/fast food and little to no training.
"I gained 50 lbs in three months!"
"Nice dreamer bulk."
by Ray P Bchz December 13, 2011

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Extreme amounts of luck that allow an unskilled person to win a contest against a highly skilled person. Although bitch magic can also occur between people of similar skill levels. Also considered luck.
Alberto Contador's bitch magic caused Andy Schleck's chain to fall off during the 2010 Tour de France.
by Ray P Bchz January 15, 2012

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An unskilled person or team who wins a contest of skill against a highly skilled person or team. The magical bitch had high amounts of bitch magic, allowing them to win.
Also, a win completely by luck and not skill.
Can apply to games of chance if a winning streak emerges.
Even Michael Jordan could lose a game of basketball against a magical bitch, once.
by Ray P Bchz January 15, 2012

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