3 definitions by Rasputin da basemachine

A way of excessively tuning a wheeled transportation device into a heavily armed war-/combat-vehicle.
- We moDDified his car into a tank-like-vehicle.

- After the MoDDification was done, the car looked like a monster.

- At the moment we're moDDifying the engine of his car.
by Rasputin da basemachine August 10, 2004
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The act of a man performing a sexual action to a woman.
- Yesterday, I based my girlfriend all night long.

- We based on the backseat of my car.

- I'm basing Julie all the time.

- She asked me to base her.
by Rasputin da basemachine August 3, 2004
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Name for a motorcycle by the manufacturer BMW.
Often confused with bimmer, what is the name for cars by the same manufacturer.
The BMW R 1200 C is a beemer.
by Rasputin da basemachine August 26, 2004
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