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Usually some shitty liberal slang nobody uses. Sign that this website sucks now. All definitions of "Black Lives Matter" or "Trump" that isn't either sucking off BLM or shitting on Trump were wiped. Even a site like this is succumbing to censorship.
Guy: Did you see the word of the day?
Guy 2: Yeah, it was some shitty anti-Trump slang that had 1000 more dislikes than likes.
by RapistVapist October 30, 2020

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Word for every slav, according to retards.
Tony: Hey you see that Russian guy over there?
Toby: The one speaking Polish? He's not Russian I don't think.
Tony: Yeah, the Russian one.
by RapistVapist May 18, 2020

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When you look at the simplest thing and call it racist because you want black people to be victims. Other minorities don't matter. - a black conservative
Liberal: Look at this white guy with dreads! Racist!
Smart Person: How is that racist? If anything you're racist for saying white people can't have dreads?
Liberal: I'm just woke! Conservatard! Nazi!
by RapistVapist July 25, 2020

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The best drug out there.

Adrenaline-rich activies include:
Riding a brakeless BMX down a hill with cars passing by
Yelling the N word in the hood
Skating and doing tricks
Getting into a fight
Taking walks in the woods at night with a dying flashlight
The list goes on.
Adrenaline is the only drug that's better than weed.
via giphy
by RapistVapist May 12, 2020

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A Minecraft mob found in the Nether
Holy shit the Blaze set me on fire
by RapistVapist June 22, 2020

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Slang term for someone who was formerly attractive, before getting a bunch of surgery and becoming extremely unattractive. Derived from the rapper.
Jerome: Dude did you see Stacy after plastic surgery?
John: Yeah, shes such a Nicki Minaj.
by RapistVapist July 07, 2020

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