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StrongBads "bogus theory"
The Cold-itude of the One is equally proportionate to the One-itude of the One. The colder it is the more of a One it is. You don't wanna get stuck with a Cold-None.
"In some European Countries they've been known to drink cool ones or Room Temperature Ones or even WARM Ones"
by Rane May 08, 2003

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baka idiot, stupid etc. ^2 squared (if you didn't know that you are one). or baka^ni so its idiot to the second power.
by Rane August 02, 2003

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One of my new favorite Bands! Give 'em a listen. A little techno, some DJ remixes, some tapla, a hint of rap, its all good. Fun, happy party music. Band members: Neil Claxton and Chris Baker. Royale is kinda pronounced with an accent.
I got the CD On the Ropes by Mint Royale and now they're on of my favorite bands.
by Rane July 24, 2003

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better than kazaa, (eg. no spyware, pop-ups, less viruses, built in virus checker) I've never downloaded a virus after 1 year of napster, 1 of winmx, 1/2 of Kazaa, and 1 of Kazaa lite.
"I don't want any computer games for my birthday, I have Kazaa."
by Rane May 13, 2003

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see double-barrel buck shot
-Another thing to complain about
"Soy un Perdedor, I'm a loser baby, so why doncha kill me?"
by Rane July 16, 2004

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Japanese for "Hey" in a loose translation.
........."Oi SpikE!"...........
by Rane July 16, 2004

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see stain on my shirt

-One thing to complain about
"Someone came saying I'm insane to complain about a shotgun wedding and a stain on my shirt"
by Rane July 16, 2004

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