4 definitions by RandyRubix

Noun: Someone who is having sex with several male partners constantly, consistently (cock-juggling), and loudly (thunder), sometimes doing so to make a point or to feel superior to others (cunt).
Person1: Man, that girl Tina keeps on tweeting about all those guys she's with.

Person2: I know right? She's such a, um, uh...

Person1: A cock-juggling thunder cunt?

Person2: *snaps* Exactly!
by RandyRubix August 10, 2016
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Noun: Someone who is a hypocrite in the douchiest ways possible.

Adjective: Word used by teenagers to describe hypocritical and/ or unfair teachers.
Student1: Man, I can't believe what a cunt barget our language arts teacher is.

Student2: I know right?

Student1: I mean, we both try just as hard as each other. We'll even have the same arguments and she'll bee totally on board with you but not give a shit about it when I'm talking about it.

Student2: Yeah, she's totally a cunt barget.
by RandyRubix August 10, 2016
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Noun: The title one gives their cheating ex.
Girlfriend: Shit, here he comes.
Boyfriend: Is that the guy you told me about?
Girlfriend: Ya; he's such a douche canoe.
by RandyRubix September 25, 2016
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Noun: Someone who's great at getting some pussy; pussy magnet; vagina magician.
Person1: Hey, I just got with four girls last night. Two at a time.

Person 2: Damn, you must be like a vagician or something.
by RandyRubix August 10, 2016
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