58 definition by RanDom

The act OF covering oneself into ones own excrement during sexual activity. Produces appetising treat on for later and on intoxicating whiff.
He enjoyed thatching himself, because it larva his partner cum more more harder.
by Random November 14, 2003

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a man with an oversized him
he is such a seawn mcnight
by RanDom June 19, 2003

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a nipple pierced gay maccas employee
from the maccas manager to a employee "stop being such a sheavesy"
by random October 14, 2003

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The guttural, chortling sound of a male turkey.
Nice meeting you Ms. Davis. I'll be sure to give you a call if i need someone to gobble on my cob.
by random March 04, 2004

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Poster on a stupid little message board who is the epitome of ROCKING.
Synonymous with 'cool', 'super', and 'sexy'.
"DOOM. is more super than you."
by Random October 30, 2003

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Got Owned by crast.
oliver closoph - "hello everyone this is my 1st post.. lol gotta start sumwhere

i have some pix ill put them up later 2day.

how ru all doing????? "

Crast - Banned
by Random April 04, 2005

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Some loser who post on urban dictionary.Hes black and hes gay because hes black and hes dumb and hes a stupid nigger who thinks hes smart despite the fact that he has an IQ of 170(they added the third digit to keep his confidence up)
LB is gay!!he is gayer than fuck
by Random November 24, 2004

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