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A male cosplayer famous for it's trauma-inducing representation of Faye Valentine
I saw Man-Faye and my eyes started to bleed.
by Ragnarok September 26, 2003
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short for the words
Leave it the fuck alone
when someone keeps carrying on about the same shit
dude1:you dude i fucked your mamma last night
dude2:okay nigga
dude1:it was sweet
dude2:okay damit
dude1:but man you should have...
dude2:LITFA motherfucker
by Ragnarok September 28, 2004
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Noun - Someone/thing that owns.
Holy shit! That ownzor just mauled the fuck outta him!
by Ragnarok February 24, 2004
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British slang for cigarettes.
The lads at school sneak behind the bike sheds and smoke fags all day.
by Ragnarok September 21, 2003
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