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What not to say when you mean the word "eject"
Hot girl: "So what happens in Top Gun?"
Guy: "Goose tries to ejaculate and dies"
Hot girl: "...."
by Radarhut April 10, 2011

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An italian slang term for a dish towel.
Johnny spilled the gravy, go get the mopina!
by radarhut February 26, 2010

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A nonalcoholic beverage consisting of roughly one third sprite, ginger ale, and coke or 1/2 sprite, and 1/4s of coke and ginger ale
Barboy, Beer-me one Third,
by radarhut December 18, 2010

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Man the fuck up
"i cant fire him,"
"dude, M.T.F.U.
by Radarhut February 17, 2011

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A kind of Swedish dance involving three people, circling a small table and each one in turn hopping onto and dancing on the table. Clogs are commonly worn while lubbing
Whoa, those Swedes are really good at lubbing!
by radarhut May 18, 2010

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Pissed the fuck off
"dude, when I lost my wallet I was P.T.F.O.
by Radarhut February 16, 2011

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