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Rochelle is only nice to people who are nice to her and doesn’t take shit from anybody. She respects only who she needs to, and is a jackass to anyone who double-crosses her and her friends. If she catches you dissing her friends she will personally take it that she thrashes your ass. If you talk trash about her behind her back, she will throw it back into your face. She’s not afraid to speak whats on her mind and can immediately tell your a good person. She treasures her friends and would never forgive herself if something happened to one of them. She loves Anime and acting like an idiot when she is around her friends but is more cultered when around her family, teachers, and people she barely knows. She is a badass and what some people consider to be a tsundere. She doesn’t let just anyone into her heart from fear of being hurt, so if she trusts you don’t make her regret it, and don’t cheat her or she will make your life a living hell and you will never be able to regain her trust.
Boy: Hey who is that girl defending her friends from the school bully?
Girl: I think it’s Rochelle.
Girl 2: Of couse. She’s a Rochelle.
by RVH July 12, 2018

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She is a kindhearted girl with insecurities. She is great and is awesome at singing. She is a very pretty girl but doubts her abilities. She is a giant push over and lets others walk all over her. Her friends stand up for her, although she says everything is fine. She worries to much and needs to relax a bit. She is quite clingly but would make a wonderful girlfriend, but somethings gets lost in her thoughts.
Girl: Is that Chloe?
Boy: Yes. I picked on her and her friends came...
Girl: Don’t mess with the Chloe.
by RVH July 12, 2018

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The woman who is always there for you. No matter what you do you can always count on her to save your ass from the shit you get into. She will love you no matter what happens. She always knows whats best for you and is there for you when your scared. She is also the woman who can give you 5 chores that will most probably take 20 minutes each within 3 minutes and expect you to finish them by the time she gets home.
Mum: I want you to wash the dishes, fold the towels, clean your room and make the house spotless by the time I get home or your in trouble.

Daughter: MUM!! THATS NOT FAIR!!!

Mum: I’ll be home in 10 minutes.

Daughter: I’m screwed....
by RVH August 11, 2018

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