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the title of the most annoying song ever produced under the genre of "hip-hop" by none other than the (opinion) worst rapper ever, Soulja Boy.

ghetto way of saying Whats Happening, which means whats up.
Soulja Boy: "whats hannenin whats hannenin whats hannenin whats hannenin whats hannenin whats hannenin whats hannenin whats hannenin......"

Drake: Yo, nothin much brotha, jus seein my girl with her sweatpants hair tied chillin with no make up on...and by the way I think i got tha question the first time you said it.
by RRRRRZKKKKK June 29, 2009
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people that trace their ancestral lines back to the country of India, located in Asia, next to China. Many of the people of this race have become big somebodies in our nation, such as Anoop Desai, who was in Americal Idol, or even Dev Patel, who was the star of the world-renowned film, The Slumdog Millionaire. He has won many awards. Also, singers/rappers of Indian descent are Nivla, Bohemia, Jay Sean, and M.I.A. Indians are very chill to hang with, and many of them are considered 'sexy'. The Indians are also very smart, with their 98 averages in schools. Us Americans look forward to the Indian movement here in America!
Dr. Robert: Yo bro, what's good, by any chance are yoy Indian? My bad if I'm wrong.

Dr. Krishna: Yeah, just look at my name bro, what else do you think I am? I got brown skin! And no, I'm not Mexican even though I'm brown. We got two types of Brown people here!
by RRRRRZKKKKK June 24, 2009
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