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To wake up early in the morning (around 2:30 or so) and to realize that you have just had a dream about a person you have many sexual feelings for.

You can also say "237" when this person you have sexual feelings for has the numbers (237) in thier cell phone number
Girl: Damn, i just woke up and had a total 237 about Vinny
Other Girl: Doesn't Vinny have 237 in his phone number?
Girl: Oh Shit
by RCmuffins13524 February 04, 2009

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A girl with so many pubes u can even see her pussy so you must use a machete to get to the goods. Soon to find out "she" has a dick
Dude last night i picked up this whore who had so many pubes i got my grandfathers machete to cut them away but i soon found out it was a man. It was one epic South-African Safari
by RCmuffins13524 February 05, 2009

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