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Sexual intercourse with a woman while she is menstruating. The stench and copious amount of blood released and accompanied with a woman's period is of little or no consequence to a man who is still willing to have sex with her. The man is usually very horny and/or drunk.

"Even though Sonia was on her period, I wanted to fuck her really bad. I knew that I would be parting the Red Sea if I fucked her liked that. But I'm an interesting guy and when I want something, I get it. So I did it"

"My neighbor is so fucking hot. I'd fuck her even if I had to part her Red Sea."
by R.U. Sirius July 31, 2008
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Spanish. Translation: helmet.

Slang term for head, blow job, cock sucking, oral sex. The term makes its reference to a helmet because obviously a helmet is worn on a head. Hence: casco (helmet). When men use the term, they usually make the motion with their hand of pushing up and down near their crotch, as the motion of the woman bobbing her head up and down during oral sex.
"Esa vieja me dio casco por horas guey! Y se tomo mi leche tambien."
(That bitch gave me head for hours dude! And she drank my milk, too.)

"Tu mama da casco bien rico. Y sin morder el pito, bien suavecito."
(Your mom gives really good head. And without biting the dick, real softly.)
by R.U. Sirius July 31, 2008
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While at the movies, you take a tub of popcorn and make a hole at the bottom. Then you stick your dick through it and while watching the movie, your date sticks her hand in it as if to grab popcorn. This will look that way to the movie-goers around you. In reality, she jerks you off inside the tub until you cum all over the popcorn and then she eats it. Hence: butter the popcorn.

Sean: "I'm taking Melissa to the movies tonight. You know how easy she is, so I know we are going to butter the popcorn. I'll text you tomorrow and tell you all about it in complete detail. I'll even save you some of the popcorn."

Matt: "Dude, isn't that kind of gay?"

Sean: "Hey, I won't tell if you don't."

by R.U. Sirius July 31, 2008
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1)A room full of men.

2)A gay club or bar.

3)A straight club where the men greatly outnumber the women, as it is with most clubs and you end up standing at the bar with a bunch of men in a sausage line-up, holding a beer while watching the very few women in the club dancing with each other instead of dancing with you, so you end up going home to your Xbox and ordering a pizza.
Lets get the fuck out of this bar, it's a fucking cock locker!

I went to that spiritual seminar last week to see if I could score some pussy, but it turned out to be a a huge cock locker.

Fuck this chat site, it's a goddamned cock locker!
by R.U. Sirius July 31, 2008
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Spanish. Translation: dick land.

A homoerotic, ravenous, cock-hungry establishment. A sausage farm, a gay club where faggots blow eachother in the stalls of the bathroom. A place where many peter puffers gather to feast on pito.
Fag #1: Hey did you go over to that new pitolandia by your house last night?

Fag #2: Mhhhhmmm, you know it perra! I have never gotten so much chorizo at a pitolandia like this one!
by R.U. Sirius July 31, 2008
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To jerk off and then shoot your cum in a shot glass and fill the remainder space with tequila and then have a woman drink it. Most women claim to be disgusted by this practice. But it is my sincere belief that most women are closet tequila cum shot drinkers. After a few beers or cocktails, most prove to be avid and thirsty tequila cum shot drinkers. Try it out.
I had a lot of fun at your mom's house the other night. She got so drunk, I was able to get her to do a tequila cum shot. I love your mom!
by R.U. Sirius July 31, 2008
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A line or group of men, usually in surplus to the ratio of women. This is particularly prevalent at bars and clubs. The fact that most men insist on patronizing these establishments to "get some pussy" is a mystery.

Rob: "Lets go to that new bar on Main."
Ed: "I heard that place is a fucking sausage line-up."
Rob: "No man, you know we'll get laid."

"After having been for many years in a committed relationship, Jay went to a club known for its wide abundance of women. Jay found out with much dismay that this place was nothing more than a wall-to-wall sausage line-up. Jay then did what any other male would do in such circumstances; he went home and watched pornography on his computer."
by R.U. Sirius August 01, 2008
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