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A person who when using a public restroom that has electric hand dryers rather than paper towels, who doesn't wash their hands but pushes the button on the dryer before leaving, so that when they open the door, others may hear it running and just assume that they washed their hands.
I heard the hand dryer when John walked out, but he's not fooling me, he's just a dryer liar.
by R. Mooers February 10, 2009
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When two people share a bed, and one has to get up in the morning. Some people tend to repeatedly hit the snooze bar, over and over, disturbing the hell out of the person who doesn't have to get up. This can be from once or twice to dozens of times.
She had to work at 10 AM, set the alarm for FOUR, and hit snooze two dozen times.
I could have strangled her, that's total
snooze abuse.
by R. Mooers August 20, 2009
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The act of telling lies to impress a woman (or man) in hopes of convincing them to have a sexual liason with you.
Dude, it was total foilplay. I told her I used to model underwear for Sears. She totally bought it and the panties came right off!
by R. Mooers May 15, 2009
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The long contented sigh at the end of a satisfying intimate coupling, where you feel stress, anxiety and silly little worries, go floating away as the "smack like", sex chemicals are released by your brain.
Man, I was so tensed up, but a good romp, a cleansing sexhale and I'm on top of the world, and ready for a nap.
by R. Mooers August 27, 2009
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