6 definitions by Queen._.Bee

A game in which if someone says something stupid, another person yells "brains" and slaps the person who said the stupid thing on the back of the hand
Jim: Wasn't Bob Ross a scientist
David: Give me the brains *slaps Jim on the hand*
by Queen._.Bee February 12, 2017
Most commonly used when referring to Xanax but can also be used for a number of other pills
poppin beans all night fo sure
by Queen._.Bee January 24, 2018
A contraction for you all would have if would have.
Person 1: *backs out of doing something*
Person 2: y'all'd've'f'I'd've
by Queen._.Bee January 22, 2017
Jim: *likes my tbh*
Me: tbh idrky
by Queen._.Bee November 20, 2016