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1) cute little delicious marsh-mellow chicks. Usually are around about Easter. The Peeps company also makes bunnies. They sell novelty peeps items such as peeps socks, flashlights, plush, containers, easter baskets, and much more.

2) Short for "people".

3) Friends, buddies , pals, etc.
1) "Mmmmmmmm! these peeps are delicious! I'm going to eat these everyday for breakfast!"

2) "Hey peeps! What's up?"

3) "These are my peeps"

by Quack921 April 05, 2009
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A guy with a vagina
"That guy is queer!"

"Step aside for the quir kid," shouted a queer."

"What a queer"
by Quack921 April 07, 2009
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