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A trendy device, often popular for no other reason than being popular. Some fadgets may be original innovations, while others may be quite unoriginal, but enjoy success through clever marketing and manipulation of the mass media.

Derived from "fad" and "gadget".
If you're smart enough to be wondering whether or not to buy an iPhone, you're smart enough not to; nor any other overpriced, underperforming Apple fadget.
by Q-Ray May 07, 2009

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verb - to remove a used tampon and sling it at someone
Then the band broke their guitars, she stopped singing, pulled out her tampon and flung it into the crowd.. there must a name for that!

Uh... cherry bomb?
by Q-Ray July 08, 2006

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A special kind of soccer in which the most important skill is the ability to writhe on the field in fake agony until the ref yellow/red cards an opposing player.
Pro-wrestling is about as legit as Italian soccer.
by Q-Ray July 11, 2006

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