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In windows computers , many installed applications or programs had a special exe file or executable file located in the program folder.
It was named as unwise.

It was the program that was used to uninstall the particular application from windows directory safely and it would also remove the shortcuts and registry entries of that application.

But instead of naming it as "Uninstall", they would name it as "Unwise"!

Unwise, general meaning that it is not wise to do too.

I guess the developer of the program would prefer that his application may not be installed. As a last resort to avoid uninstalling the application by any user, even if by mistake or so they named it as unwise! Good for the developers!!!
Hey co-worker, just double click on that file named unwise to uninstall the application from your system. make sure you had saved your data.
by PyroCute February 19, 2014
After months and sometimes years of analysis, Engineers and tons of money is used to drill holes down the ground to find Oil. They do perforations to the location at the end of their drilling in the ground to get the oil flowing in the pipes from ground to the surface.

After this exercise, which took so long and a lot of money and a lot of heavy equipments and machines:

1) If Petroleum Engineers find only Gas coming from the ground, then Petroleum Engineers achieve 30% Hearbreak.
1) If Petroleum Engineers find only Water coming from the ground, then Petroleum Engineers achieve 50% Hearbreak.
1) If Petroleum Engineers find nothing coming from the ground, then Petroleum Engineers achieve 100% Hearbreak.
We been drilling all night and nothing is coming out of this feat, I think we are lead towards a petroleum heartbreak.
I came here to drill, but i dont care if it leads to a petroleum heartbreak
by PyroCute July 19, 2013
A phrase that the main character Duke Nukem uses whenever he furiously kills a lot of aliens with a single shot of bomb or other weapons in the PC game Duke Nukem 3d.
Duke Nukem 3d is the game

It was rhetorically used by teenagers whenever they wanted to express themself with shortest of thinking and gain more popularity, with other teenager friends and foe. They could also annoy adult with it.
Hey, Buddy I ate all your sandwitches.
Bullshit die.
by PyroCute January 31, 2012