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1. A Japanese dish involving rice, fish, vegetables, and seaweed rolled into a small cylinder shape.

2. Slang for "a shaved pussy"
1. Damn this sushi is good!

2. I went down to this girl's house and I was like "Damn! I didn't know you had sushi!"
by Pwcca April 15, 2004
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old school austalian phrase meaning someone or something that is either grouse, the hottest thing since promite on toast. this is the best phrase to describe someone sexy.
oi, check out that ogre, she's a bit of allright, i wouldn't mind putting one through her.
by pwcca October 20, 2004
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1. ogre genitals, usually shaven and giving off a very pungent stench and often dripping pus and other grotty liquids.

2. something that is under an ogre's kilt

3.grotty, smelly, pus dripping genitals
that ogre is a bit of allright i wouldn't mind getting some of that haggard haggis.
by pwcca October 20, 2004
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