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From my own interpretation, I assume that Juggalos see the Dark Carnival as an afterlife warped to fit their own lifestyle. We all believe there is a form of life after death, each of us having our own "versions". The "Dark Carnival" just represents and supports the ICP following and its many beliefs. In my honest opinion, if people are fighting to gain recognition for this following, they don't deserve it, on the basis that it is completely undocumented, unsupported, and unrealistic. This shit is sad.
Those Juggalos believe in the Dark Carnival.
by Pvt. Twitchy May 13, 2007
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the Hebrew word, when loosely translated into English, meaning "bad dog".
Slevin Kelevra is one badass mother fucker!
by Pvt. Twitchy March 27, 2007
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the promise you make to someone who you really don't want to talk to you. usually because you have to do something important or you just really don't like that person. after making this "promise", you some how get tangled up in something more important or you "have" to leave right then. this is a perfect example of a "white lie".
ex. "Just a second, I have to do this first, be right back."

"I just dropped a fat bullshit promise on Karen."
by Pvt. Twitchy February 11, 2007
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having facial hair that resembles an old man's gray pubic hair
1. Dude!! Have you seen Jeff's face!?!?!
2. Yeah mang, he's mad dumbledorfin!!
by Pvt. Twitchy February 09, 2007
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someone who is even more important than your best "bro"
derived from the slang word for brother "bro"
1. Yo what up pimp!!
2. Nada my brosephalonis.
by Pvt. Twitchy February 09, 2007
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When your having perfect doggystyle sex with a hot-ass beezy. You give her 27 pumps of perfection; same number of batters a pitcher must face to get a perfect game. After the 27th pump, you pull out, if your wearing a condom, take it off, if not don't worry, and blow your load straight into the air, allowing it to get hangtime before landing on the girl's back.
I gave Mrs. Abbott a Perfect Game!
by Pvt. Twitchy April 28, 2007
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Someone who is extremely funny; can bust out extremely funny lines at totally random times. Derived from the computer lingo ROFL.
Adam is such a fuckin' Roflcopter-R-Us!!
by Pvt. Twitchy March 10, 2007
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