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The often talked about rarely seen style of smoking a joint which has origins in the greater Seattle, Washington area. The user instead of lighting simply one end of the cannabis roll, instead lights both ends and continues to smoke as per the norm. This is usually done when already incredibly ripped as it one of the lesser intelligent things to do. Users of this style of smoking are commonly seen wearing dark lens glasses and a beanie as well as other black/grey clothes. Users often enjoy nirvana, rain and overcast.
Christian and Eric smoked mad Seattle Blunts on their west coast trip.
by PussySlayer69420 September 30, 2013

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A sexual act, similar to that of 2 in the pink one in the stink. It consists of a man stinking his index,middle,and ring finger on his right hand into the womans vagina. He the takes his right pink and all of the fingers on his left and gently puts it in the females rectum. This brings great pleasure to the woman and the man goes in and out until she climaxes. The thumb can be used to massage the clitoris or, in hitch hiking situations, sticks it out to attract a ride. Can be used anywhere and everywhere and has been known in the pokemon world to be super effective.
Christian 3 in the pink 6 in the stink'd many a harlot throughout his quests.
by PussySlayer69420 October 06, 2013

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Verb; when you wake up but you do
not open your eyes and you have an
erection so you start masturbating
and right when you ejaculate you open
your eyes and all you see is
magic,sparkledust, and semen so in
one precise there is an action of
cumming,flipping your sheets, and
what is equivalent to a young baby
sheep opening its eyes into a beautiful
world for the first time.
Christian woke up to The Hellen Keller Wakeup call and all he saw was magic and a sense of freedom.
by PussySlayer69420 September 28, 2014

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