During the course of oral sex, ejaculate into the young ladies eye causing her vision to be impared, then smack her in both ears immediatly after causing her to briefly loose her hearing, and causing the sound of ringing in her ears. This will cause the illusion of the historical figure Helen keller who was Blind and Def.
Hey have you ever dated a handicapped person?
-No i have not have you?
Not quite but i gave my date the hellen keller last night!
by G-rant H December 9, 2007
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Noun, usually used as a verb. The Hellen-Keller is when you are hooking up with a woman who has large breasts, and you bury your face in the middle of them, wrap her breasts around your hears and continue to yell...... "I can't hear you!!!! I can't hear you!!!!
" I just gave that girl The Hellen Keller, and I woke up her dog."

"I'm mad because that guy gave me The Hellen Keller, and he woke up my dog who doesn't usually sleep well.
by Scribystyles16 December 13, 2009
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The act of fucking a girl till climax and cumming in her eyes and ears. You then knock her out and when she wakes up, she won’t be able to see or hear.
I’m bouta pull The Hellen Keller on your ass
by ESPO579 October 6, 2019
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The level of drunkenness one reaches when he/she is blacked out and is no longer able to pronunciate words in any sort of fashion. In other words the persons are blind / deaf / dumb.
Sir Tommy Pickles: Dude, check out Roxy! She's hitting on everyone, falling all over the place and I can't even understand a word she's saying.

Mo'Nasty: I know dude! She is completely "Hellen Kellered" right now.
by KingKrule January 1, 2012
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in online games, the only person on your team without a microphone.
if it wasnt for hellen keller i would of known that guy was around the corner.
by rudy pseudonym September 10, 2011
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The act of giving a dirty blowjob, but not seeing the cock or hearing the loud squirts at all. Its quick, but enjoyable.
Reggie: How was the Hellen Keller?
Matt: It felt like I was going blind.
by Wiggies911 March 7, 2017
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A Hellen Keller is when some girl is giving you head and you pull out of her mouth and nut in her eye. Then when shes blinded by the skeet you shot in her eye you punch her in the ear so she cant hear.
My bitch was getting out of control so I gave her a Hellen Keller, the doctor says she'll never be able to see or hear again.
by Golzy April 15, 2004
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