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A sub-board, on the 4chan image board, which stands for Fitness. Threads posted cover topics such as self-improvement, bodybuilding, power-lifting, advice on getting laid, severe types of depressions, awkward gym stories, what it takes to become an Alpha Male and many other real life memes.
"Being on /fit/ did get me to finally hit 2 plate bench, but I started judging people heavily by how they look like and became depressed over the fact that I can't talk to girls.
by Pumped jack October 25, 2017

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An expression to exaggerate how hardcore a continuous activity can be.
"Yo, so i started this hardcore brosplit."
"What, is it like 8 days a week."
"Yo, totally."
by Pumped jack August 10, 2015

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a definition (also a meme) or an act of doing something in a manner that protrudes complete failure, rejection or causes a person or an object to be unnoticed, judged, mocked, shamed, or act very timid.
The virgin first time
the virgin struggle
the virgin sit
the virgin shit
the virgin study
the virgin gamer
the virgin xbox
the virgin attempt
the virgin white
the virgin programmer
the virgin chad
the virgin professor
by Pumped jack October 26, 2017

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