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It's a show created by Bendon Small, who happens to me amazing. The Characters are as follows:
Skwisgaar Skwisgelf (taller than a tree)
Toki Wartooth (Not a bumblebee)
William Murderface.
Pickles... The drummer. (Diddily dong, ding dong, ding, doodily, doodily, doo.)
Nathan Explosion.

Their main purpose is to make insane metalheads laugh. And they succeed.
I'd like to thank Mr. Small, for being so fuckin' AWESOME.
Toki- I can force all the bloods to my heads and gives myself a real cool blowjob! (blood comes out of his nose) THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT!
Skwisgaar- He means nosebleed, not blowjob... Idiot.

Also, I happen to be naming my first son after Toki.... Just because Metalocalypse is that cool. :
by Puddles[<3]Panda December 18, 2008
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